More about IFL

The objective of the International Friendship League is to promote a spirit of friendship and mutual respect among the people of the world with a view to peaceful co-operation in international affairs and better world-wide understanding. Membership is open to all who support our aims and objectives, whatever their race, religion, or political views. IFL is a voluntary, non-commercial and non-sectarian organisation, owing allegiance to no political party or national government, open to all who support its aims. We welcome anyone wishing to  engage in activities aimed at promoting peace and international understanding.

IFL is an international organisation, with Members in 5 continents. There are IFL groups in Britain, Burundi, Canada (Newfoundland), France, Germany, Kenya, Netherlands, Portugal, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Sweden, Togo, Uganda and Zambia, and we have individual members in many other countries around the world.

Most groups hold regular meetings at which you will be very welcome. In all countries where we have members, individual members are keen to make contact with others around the world. IFL Members are looking forward to welcoming you to their country, showing you the sights and giving you an insight into their lives – something it is almost impossible to enjoy in any other way.