What We Do

We live in a world still full of conflict. Although there are many organisations working to bring peace and greater international co-operation, many people who want to contribute to this international understanding do not know how they can play an active part. Members of the International Friendship League believe that the most valuable approach is the development of personal friendships between individuals of different countries.

The IFL encourages friendship and understanding between people of all cultures, through a range of activities, including travel, hospitality, email, pen-friendship and social activities. IFL members are privileged in being able to learn about a country through the eyes of a local resident, as members around the world are encouraged to welcome visitors to their local area. This can be anything from a welcoming chat about different ways of life, customs and community, to a tour of the locality and involvement in social events.  Members usually find that they have more in common than they imagined!


The IFL fosters friendship in several practical ways, offering a welcome to foreign visitors through the “IFL Meet and Greet” services in several countries to make visitors feel welcome. This is by far the best way to experience another country’s way of life.

Sometimes the IFL welcome may include an invitation to visit a member’s home. Members are usually more than happy to recommend suitable accommodation nearby and some may be willing to make a booking for you. If you are planning a visit to another country and would like to get in touch with IFL Members there, please email us your proposed visit to: meetandgreet@iflworld.org

Please note that all “Meet and Greet” contacts between IFL members are made through the central administration and so you should try to give as much notice as possible of any intended visit to a particular country or location.

In Portugal, the IFL has a “Meet and Greet” service. For more information follow the link – www.e-cultura.pt  There are several hotels in Portugal that offer big discounts to IFL members. Contact the “Meet and Greet” service for details.

Other IFL services and activities:

  • Encouraging contact through pen friends, email and other communication
  • Meetings of local IFL groups
  • Regular magazines, including the international newsletter ‘Courier’
  • Supporting charitable projects e.g. SOS Children’s Villages
  • Arranging international events for members